Eau Claire Estates
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Eau Claire Estates condominiums are located at 500 Eau Claire Avenue SW, Calgary Alberta, Canada
Homes are located beside Princes Island Park which is on the beautiful Bow River in downtown Calgary. This location also enjoys the close proximity to the river pathways, the Eau Claire Market, the Sheraton Suites Hotel and in the winter, enjoy the benefits of the downtown Plus 15 walkways.
This complex features 10 towers situated around a beautifully landscaped central courtyard. Many homes have at least two fabulous views and some have three or four. With only one or two suites per floor, many homeowners have their own private elevator lobbies while others share their lobby with only one neighbour.
Amenities in the complex include a health club with swimming pool, spa and fitness centre, 24 hour Concierge/Security service, an elegant marble lobby, large common lobbies and hallways, a billiard/entertainment room and an impeccably maintained underground heated parkade with car wash.
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Condominium Fee & Amenity Comparison
Occasionally, realtors, potential purchasers and others have expressed that they believe the fees at ECE are high. In October of 2018 we completed a fair comparison of 16 condominium properties and the results certainly suggest that ECE, with a rank of 10th least expensive, offers reasonable fees, includes the most amenities of any property and offers the best security protection.
Condominium properties often vary with regard to what is included in their monthly fee, for example, ECE includes electricity and many other properties do not. Also, ECE has 2 Concierge/Security staff working every shift, 24/7/365. We are not aware of any other properties in Calgary that have 2 Concierge/Security staff per shift. ECE also includes full time, onsite management.

Some properties have only 1 security shift per day (daytime only or perhaps just evenings), some have a combination of the two and a few include 24/7/365 coverage. When only 1 Concierge/Security person is working per shift, there is virtually no security because when they take their break or when emergencies occur, there is nobody remaining to monitor the security video system, perimeter doors and other areas of concern.

If security is of little to no concern, there are certainly condominium properties that may be more attractive because the fees would be less but if security is of a concern, ECE certainly offers the greatest protection with 2 staff per shift, a comprehensive security access/video system, specific policies & procedures in place, plus frequent training and staff meetings.